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Set in an enchanting ambience steeped in luxury, nestled in acres of luxuriant greens with bubbling fountains, recreates the magical charm of the Mediterranean.

In the heart of India's corporate capital Gurgaon, a distinctly relaxing experience awaits those seeking to out their body and mind in unwind mode. As you drive in, the palm trees standing tall, and the manicured lawns roll out a green carpet welcome for you.

All the ladies are welcome to join us for a fun workshop on Bread Craft on 12th July
The 'Imaginarium' workshop – a ‘workout’ for the brain - will use the fun of game-playing to make children think "out of the box"
Enroll your kids into fun & interactive Lil Chef Workshop where they enhance their cooking skills
All the ladies are welcome to learn all about printing of fabrics, which can be used a great hobby to do from home & also earn !
Brown's Unplugged: lively evening of unadulterated live soulful music with artist Teesta @Brown's on 27th June.
Burger Mania: Hog on the new Burger feast with our new Burger Mania Festival at The Palms, Senses 20-29June
Heavenly Sundaes: Enjoy Sundaes on every Sundays of this month.
Fusion New Menu: All new Signature Meals and new dishes from South East Asia at unbelievable prices at Fusion Sticky
Divine Shakes: Cool off the soaring heat with Divine Shakes
Frozen Margaritas: More reason to celebrate the end of the work day. Margaritas after work, great food, friendly faces and fun!
Fifa Fever- Lead your favourite Country to World Cup Glory. Experience all the fun, excitement of Football's Greatest Event at The Palms, Brown's